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FreeCodeCamp in Vienna, Austria

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Shared Values

We completely share the values and ideas of the FreeCodeCamp platform. is a place, where you can learn how to code - for free

We connect developers and help beginners. We get people into coding.

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We organize events, talks, coding sessions and just have fun. :)

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Connecting people with similar ambitions in real life and provide a platform for exchange and improvement. Everybody with an interest in coding is welcome. We are leading the local FCC Group in Vienna and provide monthly meetups for members.


A person guiding the audience through a codebase they are currently working on.
Discussion Circle
Setting different topics and letting the audience discuss.
Presentations and Talks
Different topics with following QA
Coding Sessions
Mob Sessions
FCC Algorithms
Other small Algorithms


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Our work reflected in numbers

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Partners and Friends of FCCVienna

If you enjoyed taking part in one of our meetings, and you feel like connecting to other people, these partners are definitely worth checking out.


These are the people who have contributed actively more than once with content for our meetings. Without these creators, there would be no FCCVienna.

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